Q1. Who do i contact if i want more information?

Answer: Contact our course information unit at Paulbruce@progyminstructing.co.uk or call 07793185210

Q2. How am i assessed?

Answer: If you are studying a course that requires no practical assessment or theory exam then you simply need to send in your completed portfolio as soon as you have completed it. If you are completing an intensive classroom based course, you will complete your assessment on the designated assessment day on the course.

If you are sitting a theory exam or practical assessment you need to determine a date and venue that suits you and book in once you have completed all of your modules. Our assessment days start with the theory exam in the morning, followed by practical assessments spaced 60 minutes apart. Our assessment bookings work on a first come first served basis and once all spaces are full, another assessment day will be offered.

Q3. Is my course recognised internationally?

Answer: All of our courses are certified by Central YMCA Qualifications. Successful completition of our courses will allow you to become a member of the Register of Exercise Professionals, REPs. Your qualfications will be recognised within the UK and also most countries throughout the world, including Australia and New Zealand.

Q4. Why are our course prices so low compared to other training providers?

Answer: We are able to keep the cost of our courses down as we have very small business operational costs. We do not run large marketing campaigns which are expensive and would require us to charge our students more. Our course fees are all based on the cost of training you and take into consideration only costs that are relevant to your education and training. Other providers, with large overheads, need to charge you more for their courses to cover the cost of their day to day business.

At no point do we sacrifice the quality of our courses to save costs.